10 Confessions of a Makeup Addict

10 Confessions of a Makeup Addict

It’s no secret that I love makeup. Some may even call it an addiction and I’m in no place to deny it so instead, I’m going to share 10 confessions of a makeup addict and embrace the fact that I’ve got a problem.

  1. Pink is not one color.Do you mean rose pink, nude pink, hot pink, coral pink, red-pink etc.? The list is endless and no rose pink is not the same as nude pink!
  2. I know all the employees at Sephora and I have occasionally received the “Oh you’re back…” and “You again?”.  They’ve stopped asking me if I need help and just let me be.
  3. Sometimes I open my makeup drawers and I just stare at my products lovingly. I also tend to swatch all my lipsticks for fun and end up having pink, red and purple stains on my arms.
  4. When I’m applying my makeup, I describe what I’m doing as if I have an audience watching  me and taking notes or a camera set up infront of me. “…then I’m going to take my trusty BeautyBlender and bounce that concealer in. Make sure to keep your sponges clean or else…Sarah are you paying attention?”
  5. When you’re talking to me, I’m guilty of imagining how a flicked eyeliner would look with your eye shape and how MAC’s Ruby Woo lipstick would look so good with the outfit you’re wearing. I’m sorry!
  6. When an eyeshadow smashes, a lipstick breaks or my cream highlighter has nail indents in it,    then I reserve the right to be upset. You just don’t understand.
  7. I have run out of ideas on how to store my makeup. It started out with cute baskets, then drawers, then a desk and now there isn’t enough space!
  8. Makeup is sentimental. I keep almost everything as I can’t bear to throw it out. “This is the        first MAC product I’ve ever purchased and this is the first red lipstick I’ve ever worn and omg this was a limited edition blush…”
  9. I sometimes lie about buying makeup. “Oh this Sephora bag? no no it’s empty I swear”, “No mom I didn’t go to Sephora again, this is the bag from yesterday”…woops (sorry mom).
  10.  I judge a book by its cover. I’m not going to lie to you, if the makeup packaging looks good then I’m  sold. Obviously the actual content counts but do you understand how pretty that’ll look on Instagram??

So there you have it, my secrets are all out in the open now.  Don’t judge me! If you relate to any of these and if you’re also a self-professed makeup addict then please know that you’re not alone and we can get through this together.



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  1. Roro August 24, 2016 / 4:28 pm

    Haha I loved it! I can definitely relate since I usually witness all what you have mentioned :)

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