About Me



Hello! My name is Tala. I currently live in London, UK where I am studying to hopefully earn an undergraduate degree in Marketing and Communications. Although I am originally Lebanese (and love it), I consider “home” to be Abu Dhabi, UAE. I think the concept of “home” does not necessarily have to be where you are from or how much time you have spent there but rather which place feels the most comforting, safe and close to your heart, similar to a famous quote that states “home is where the heart is”.

This blog was originally a way that I could express, share and connect my passion for makeup with other people who shared a similar interest. Soon enough though, I felt like sharing posts about other beauty products (skin care, hair, nails etc..) and some personal posts were also quite enjoyable for me. So now, it’s a mix of everything related to beauty, lifestyle and fashion but with more emphasis on makeup.

Feel free to e-mail me (berrylita@gmail.com) or message me on my “contact me” page and don’t forget to follow me on bloglovin, Instagram and Twitter to stay up-to-date with any new posts. Tala xx